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Ethiopia is the original source of the Arabica coffee plant, Coffea Arabica having grown wild in the forests of the Southwestern Highlands of the Kaffa and Buno districts of Ethiopia for over 800 years. Linguistically, our word ‘coffee’, (and that of many other languages) derives from the Ethiopian word ‘Kawa’ and the Ethiopian districts of Kafa, and the word ‘Mocha’ derives from the port of Mocca from which it was first exported.

The purpose of the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers’ Union is to promote and support the continuing development of sustainable coffee supply to maximize financial returns to member cooperatives while discharging social responsibilities for the coffee growers.

This washed Yirgacheffe is one of the best highland-grown coffees. These top quality Arabica coffee beans are roasted to the point just after medium ‘first crack’. The drink has clean, fruity notes, sweet, with an almost tea-like, floral flavour.

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Coffee Packaging

Seal it in an attractive airtight tin, Seal it in an air tight foil bag please

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250g Standard pack, I'd like to save up to 20% with a 1Kg bulk bag!

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Just the beans please, I'll grind them myself, Course Grounds – for old fashioned percolator, Fairly Fine – for espresso, Ground Fine – (pulverised) for filter, Medium Ground – for Cafetiere

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