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“Creating a Stir” Book – 125 Years of Tea and Coffee production in Belfast

“Creating a Stir” chronicles the history of SD Bell’s, from the earliest days to the present, describing how a young farmer came to found a tea and coffee firm. The book spans the development over 4 generations of the family business in the context of a fast growing and sometimes turbulent city.

The book also takes a sideways glance at both tea and coffee from production to consumption, discussing the origins of both.  Creating a Stir also answers dozens of our tea and coffee questions, such as ‘why is the Americano so called?’, ‘who invented the filter paper?’, ‘why should we put the milk in first?’, and why was the Boston Tea Party not a ‘storm in a teacup’?’

About S.D Bell’s:

S.D Bell’s is Ireland’s oldest independent tea merchant and coffee roaster. Established in Belfast in 1887, the firm continues to supply the finest teas and coffees from around the world.



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