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Decaffeinated Black Loose Leaf Tea



Net Weight 125g 

Decaffeinated Black Loose Leaf Tea

A decaffeinated black loose leaf tea from Ceylon. A flavoursome large leaf tea.

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A little background about decaff:

Low-budget teas and coffees are often decaffeinated using an industrial process that adds further chemicals to the product, such as methyl chloride or ethyl acetate. These should be avoided.

Another non-chemical process, known as the “sparkling CO2”, “supercritical CO2” or “liquid CO2” method, is also used, and this is the process employed to decaffeinate our tea. The tea is soaked in carbon dioxide, (the same gas as used in sparkling water) which, under high pressure, exists as a liquid. Once the caffeine has been absorbed into the liquid CO2, the pressure is released, the liquid returns to its natural state as a gas, and the caffeine falls to the bottom of the vat as a recoverable solid.

This way, caffeine can be used for other purposes, and the tea (or coffee) can be certified as 99.7% caffeine-free.

About S.D Bell’s:

S.D Bell’s is Ireland’s oldest independent tea merchant and coffee roaster. Established in Belfast in 1887, the firm continues to supply the finest teas and coffees from around the world.

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