Kenya Kissi Estate “Peaberry”



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95% of Arabica coffee beans exist as a pair of seeds, sitting with their flat sides facing each other in a cherry. Occasionally, when only one seed is fertilised, the ‘bean’ develops into a single, perfectly round pea-shape. There is no way to determine before picking if a coffee cherry is a ‘pre-berry’ or not, so such beans are all hand-sorted. This also ensures a uniform consistency of quality and size across the batch, giving a very uniform roast, balanced taste profile and the bean, being more dense, a fuller-bodied drink.

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About S.D Bell’s:

S.D Bell’s is Ireland’s oldest independent tea merchant and coffee roaster. Established in Belfast in 1887, the firm continues to supply the finest teas and coffees from around the world.

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Coffee Weight

250g Standard pack, I'd like to save up to 20% with a 1Kg bulk bag!

Coffee Packaging

Seal it in an attractive airtight tin, Seal it in an air tight foil bag please

Beans or Ground

Just the beans please, I'll grind them myself, Coarse Ground – for old fashioned percolator, Fairly Fine – for espresso, Ground Fine – (pulverised) for filter, Medium Ground – for Cafetiere

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